2014, this is THE year.

We are only 6 days into the new year and my head is buzzing with ideas on how I will make this the BEST YEAR EVER. I want this to be the greatest, most fulfilling year for AMP. I want this to be Henry's most awesome tot year. I want this to be my best year personally- one filled with energy and motivation, inspiration and hope. Call me silly, or superstitious, but I feel like even years are always better than odd years. I graduated high school in 2004. In 2008 I moved to Jacksonville and started a life here. I graduated college in 2010. I had Henry is 2012 and this year, 2014, will be my 10 year high school reunion/lose the baby weight finally year! I can't wait to see how this year unfolds. Some years I feel like serve the purpose to teach us grand lessons while other years we get to actually enjoy our new findings. This is one of those years. I know it won't be easy, but I will (I hate the word "try" or "plan to") live my life with enthusiasm, purpose, selflessness, and health. Tonight I spent 3 hours outlining my professional goals and my personal goals. I got the CUTEST Sugarpaper wall calendar from Target so that I could visually see on a daily basis my commitments. I also got an adorable matching planner for my car/purpose with more in depth notes about my weekly plans. In the back of the planner I outlined a lot of goals for 2014! I was so excited that I felt the need to share them with you guys! I hope that you find the time to WRITE your goals/resolutions in ink. Make it permanent. Then bllog them, text them to your friends, ask them what their goals are and get moving on those goals. You never know what kind of impact you are making on someones life. We all could use a little inspiration in a world full of cynicism. So without too much additional rambling, here are my 2014 professional and personal goals!

2014 AMP Professional Goals

  1. Return weddings in 2 weeks or less
  2. Return sessions in 5 days or less
  3. Start encouraging more print & product orders
  4. No sessions on Sunday's (day of rest!)
  5. Have set days for sessions- Thursday's, Friday's, and Saturday's only
  6. Answer emails within 24 hours or less
  7. Reach out to vendors for partnership opportunities
  8. Do an styled editorial
  9. Get said editorial published
  10. Always look dressed up & pretty for meetings, sessions, and weddings
  11. Stick to your routine workflow
  12. Get more organized with taxes
  13. Use specific credit cards for business purchases so your taxes are EASY
  14. Create and fill out an expense report for each wedding
  15. Print out statements every month, staple and put in folder for easy tracking on spending and expenses
  16. New workflow consists of:
  • Shoot Wedding
  • Import
  • Backup on hard drive
  • Cull entire wedding in Photomechanic
  • Open in Lightroom
  • Edit in Lightroom
  • Export JPEGS
  • Back up jpeg files
  • Upload to Pixieset
  • Facebook a few favorites
  • Blog wedding
  • Share Blog
  • Send gallery to client
  • email client thank you card!
  • Send wedding to blogsites or magazines (if applicable) to be published

2014 Personal Goals/Resolutions

  1. Lose these last 25 pounds for GOOD!
  2. Grow my hair out looooong
  3. Take Henry to the park once a week
  4. Go to VEGAS for my 28th birthday
  5. Set up traveling sessions-- shoot & travel
  6. Go on a cruise
  7. See snow! (preferably during Christmas)
  8. Do a juice cleanse for 5 days straight
  9. Take Pure Barre classes
  10. Don't eat fast food for 16 weeks straight (Come May 1st, I will be LOVING a Chic Fila sandwich)
  11. No soda for 12 weeks
  12. Take a ballet class
  13. Eat more green food
  14. Drink a gallon of water a day
  15. Be in a flash mob
  16. Go to Disney World with Henry
  17. Say sorry to someone from the past
  18. Get divorced amiably
  19. Go ice skating, rollerskating, and rockclimbing
  20. Go to 3 concerts
  21. Take a pole dancing fitness class and hot yoga class
  22. Move into an inspirational home with TONS of natural light
  23. Be more frugal (financially conscience)
  24. Take Henry on more walks
  25. Go camping in a beautiful spot
  26. More playdates for Henry
  27. Throw a girls night out/get together once a month
  28. Go to the beach (I haven't been in over 2 years!)
  29. Do a boudoir session
  30. Get in a boat and try water activities
  31. Fall & stay in love
  32. Remember friends birthdays & celebrate them
  33. Start savings account for Henry
  34. Teach a fitness/dance/some sort of class
  35. Do more artwork with Henry
  36. Read 20 books
  37. Complete a pinned recipe or project at least once a month
  38. Throw Pinterest Parties
  39. Enjoy each holidays thoroughly as they come
  40. Eat superfoods
  41. Go to my 10 year high school reunion
  42. Get rid of cable (which I did for the second half of 2013 and I LOVE it!) and do Netflix/Redbox
  43. Do charity work
  44. Start an agrarian lifestyle
  45. Shop local produce/small businesses
  46. Throw Henry one awesome 2 year old party
  47. Print out statements every month to be a more organized financial planner
  48. More self love, self awareness & acceptance

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