A personal post: AMP's New Year, New You Weightloss Journey

HELLO LADIES! I have one word for you… WOW!

I am just amazed that so many of you could connect with my story and journey. It makes me feel like there is such a huge support system out there and I can’t wait to start this journey with you. I could literally hug you all!

To give you a little more insight about my health journey throughout the years, here is my short back-story: I was a ballet dancer from the age of 7 to 22 years old. I stopped dancing in 2008 when I started this little hobby called… photography. So By 2011 I had gained 50 pounds and my focus was all on building my business and not on my health. Late night editing and tons of sessions/weddings equated to eating out way too much. I just stopped caring about what I looked like. Isn’t that sad? :( When I got engaged I decided that I had to loose this weight before squeezing into a beautiful white gown. So along with the help of Smoothie King and Bill Romanowski’s Lean 1 smoothie I hosted 2 weigh-tloss competitions and I, along with lots of other women, dropped 40 pounds in 12 weeks. After my wedding I continued to tone up and I was in the best shape and health of my life at 140-145 pounds. 5 short months after getting married I found out that my husband and I were expecting a baby! I was overjoyed and kind of excited to start eating “bad” again. Between lots of Chick Fila and Oreo habits I gained weight VERY quickly. When I delivered I was 225 pounds which was an 80 pound weight gain-YIKES! I didn’t know I could gain THAT much but I surely did. Fast forward to today. I am a single mom to my beautiful baby boy going through a divorce and I weigh 190 pounds. Simply put, like most of you, I want ME back. I want to feel like I matter. Between the play-dates and diaper changes, park afternoons, goldfish overtaking my SUV, at home activities and all the fun I have with my son, I want to feel like a woman again. You know? I have pushed myself aside for the past 5 years (with the exception of the 8 month weight-loss) and I really want a little bit of that back. So much can change when you become a mommy and so many of those changes I am BEYOND thankful for. He humbles me and I am so much more loving, understanding, patient and giving than I ever was. I just want to be the best, (and does it hurt?) to be the hottest mommy for him! So I hereby enter into this 12 week competition and I hope that you all want to be apart of this too!

I have had over 100+ interested women that want to be apart of this journey with me. I have decided that I will pick 25 women; 15 local and 10 non local. I will create a FB group for the participants to be apart of to help one another. If you aren't picked (ugh hate how that sounds) please follow along anyway on your own because I will be doing some sort of "at home" prize! I just think there is such a prevalent need for people to loose weight and I want to inspire EVERYONE through my own personal journey! I will be picking participants based on their positive attitude/desire to want to loose weight and feel great again. It will not base solely on how much weight one needs to loose but more the attitude and drive to want to do it. I will be not be telling anyhow how they should work out throughout the competition. There will be nothing mandatory to attend. I will be a contestant, just like you, leading and hosting this competition. I will have two assistants that will help keep up with everyone also! So... still reading?

What is the prize of winning?

(The winner will be based on the highest % of body fat lost)

SEXINESS + WEIGHT-LOSS DUH!! But yes, aside from that I am gathering a bunch of sponsors (TBD) to donate awesome prizes. Foremost, the winner would receive a photo-shoot from a photographer in your area! If the winner is a Jacksonville, Florida participant you will receive a FEW photo shoots from a bunch of different talented photographers, myself of course, included. There is also talk about a massage, boutique, hair/makeup, gift cards, and health related products involved too! Still interested? Here are the details of the competition and rules for participants:


Competition Rules:   

  • This program is FREE and anyone can apply
  • Contestants must need to loose at least 10 legit pounds to be considered.  
  • The program starts Monday, October 14th and ends January 7.
  • This is a 12 week solid commitment competition. Please make sure you can commit 12 solid weeks to this!
  • Please take your measurements at the start and end of the competition. 
  • Participants must commit to 3 solid workouts a week (more of course if you can)
  • Work-outs can include the gym, a class, a video, Crossfit, or even Wii Fit- doesn't matter, but it has to be 1 HOUR LONG and you have to SWEAT (no sissy stuff!) 
  • Participants must commit to a clean eating lifestyle. I encourage you all to detox certain bad foods during this 12 week program as I will be practicing my no soda, no sugary drinks, no dessert foods, no alcohol and no fast food rule. 
  • Be apart of the wonderful FB group for online support. I ask that each participant please write and engage on the group page at least twice a day!
  • I ask that every contestant buy a dedicated JOURNAL to document this journey along the way. I think this is so important to get back to feeling like us, lets get our thoughts on paper.
  • I ask that every contestant buy a dedicated FOOD JOURNAL to document their food intake every day including calorie count. You are welcome to share this with us in the FB group.  
  • Participants must keep a positive attitude throughout the competition  
  • The competition boundaries are set by YOUR GOALS. I ask that each participant have a journal and write down their expectations and goals. Outline in specifics what you want to accomplish in 12 weeks. In addition to weight-loss think about other things you want to accomplish, whether that is to trim down 2 pants sizes, run a marathon, or not be lethargic when running after your kids- WHATEVER that is, it's your personal goal and it's a great one! 
  • No one gets kicked out unless you have a super bad attitude. This would be voted on by the group (not by alex) if a participant is bringing anyone else down.  
  • You must post a frontal picture, side picture, and scale shot picture of yourself to the weightloss FB group page on each Monday by the afternoon. These will be published publicly to FB every single week and on my blog! This is the best form of accountability and it takes a lot of guts to do it. Make sure you feel comfortable with this. Please wear form fitting black clothing and use the same background each week. You must include your weight loss for the week.
  • I would love to do a pin-pal type deal with the contestants where we send one another a "motivation box" throughout the competition. It does not need to be pricey, just thoughtful. Nothing makes me smile like getting something in the mail! It could be a homemade card and a picture their kiddo painted! I just want to create a really sweet and positive group of women supporting women and I think that when we take this time for us we are encouraging a lifestyle change within. 


Still interested? Please follow these instructions to enter the competition:  


  1. Comment this blog post with your name, age, place of residence and why you want to be considered for this program. Let me know your goals and what you plan on accomplishing in 12 weeks!
  2. Entries must be submitted no later than  Sunday October 13th.
  3. The top 25 contestants will be announced on Monday October 14th and that is the official first day of the competition!