A personal post: The Top 30 Contestants for the New Year, New You Competition



Hello ladies! I know this blog post has been long awaited so I will cut to the chase... shortly. Let me tell you this- it was SO HARD picking only 25 contestants. I toyed with the idea of letting in more contestants so you got me, I decided on 30 and not 25. Like I have stated previously, if you aren't picked, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE still follow along with your journey because there will be an at home prize. I really hope this competition inspires and motivates so many people both in it and outside!

As some of you know I have done this before  and again after that. Working with small group of women through communication and support just works. I am the type of person who clearly can't do it alone. I prefer an entourage :) I have tried to do the gym thing solo and the dieting alone but I always fail because I just simply stop caring. I thrive with the motivation of a support group and I really hope you will all to. I NEED that accountability.

Just to reinstate the rules of the competition they will be listed below. If you are picked and decide you do NOT want to be in the competition you have 24 hours to let me know. I want to be able to put someone else in so be honest with yourself and me please. This is a strong personal commitment. If you cheat your meals and workouts you will be ultimately hurting yourself. This is ONLY a 12 week commitment but boy let me tell you it is life changing. Loosing weight and feeling good in your own skin is literally the BEST FEELING EVER! It's so nice for others to notice but truly the reward is so spiritual and so within. Yes your husband might notice more, your friends, and your family, but remember this journey is 110% for you. That means saying no to obligations you might usually say yes to. This means Friday nights out might mean a workout in so you can wake up early and do yoga in the morning. This means saying no to fast food when your kids want it. This means changing your lifestyle, getting out of your comfort zone, kicking your own butt every day, getting your sweat on, and inspiring others through your journey. I really want contestants that want to change their lives for REAL. This takes dedication and will power.  This is about creating positive and new habits. This is about trying new foods. This is about detoxing from bad ones. This is a competition where you have 12 weeks to own yourself again. No more excuses, no more justifications, no more reasons why you can't. I KNOW the holidays are around the corner. With that said it means you will be traveling, cooking typically unhealthy but yummy foods, BAKING, eating out and putting yourself aside to be giving to others. But this is also such a good testimony to your strength. You are able to do this. I know you can! It won't be easy but it will be worth it... I promise! Let's start 2014 RIGHT!!! And I don't know about you but I want to start it wearing something tight... and sparkly... and sexy! :)



  1. Jazmin Johnson with Lilipop Photography 
  2. Katherine Whitefield
  3. Amy Snoddy
  4. Danielle Rienks
  5. Cristina Langstaff (Ryder the Fighter's Mommy!)  
  6. Patricia Neffgen
  7. Hayley Conwell
  8. Casey Dixon with The Dainty Knit  
  9. Rachel Muchmore  
  10. Ali Brannan
  11. Devin Cole
  12. Stacey Mejia
  13. Jessie Hartford
  14. Cameron Godwin
  15. Kayla Laure
  16. Daniela Murray
  17. Stephanie Sanford
  18. Mia Coelho
  19. Madison Grisham
  20. Erin (boot911@yahoo.com) 
  21. Ashley Benson
  22. Marie Leslie  
  23. Kayla Bailey  
  24. Lo Rob
  25. Melinda Skinner
  26. Cari Lynn Gravely
  27. Rebecca Shaw Wolfe
  28. Bonnie Issac
  29. Shana Irwin  
  30. Whitney Croxton

Our personal motivators who will be added to the group will be: 

1.  Elena- Modern Baby Photography

2. Christina Knotts (2011 season 2 winner!)

3. Heather Stoneking (2011 season 1 winner!) 

4. Jessica Walters (huge fitspiration)

5. Samantha Cater



  • This program is FREE
  • Contestants must need to loose at least 10 legit pounds to be considered.  
  • The program starts Monday, October 14th and ends January 7.
  • This is a 12 week solid commitment competition
  • Please take your measurements at the start and end of the competition. 
  • Participants must commit to 3 solid workouts a week (more of course if you can)
  • Work-outs can include the gym, a class, a video, Crossfit, or even Wii Fit- doesn't matter, but it has to be 1 HOUR LONG and you have to SWEAT (no sissy stuff!) 
  • Participants must commit to a clean eating lifestyle. I encourage you all to detox certain bad foods during this 12 week program as I will be practicing my no soda, no sugary drinks, no dessert foods, no alcohol and no fast food rule. 
  • Be apart of the wonderful FB group for online support. I ask that each participant please write and engage on the group page at least twice a day!
  • I ask that every contestant buy a dedicated JOURNAL to document this journey along the way. I think this is so important to get back to feeling like us, lets get our thoughts on paper.
  • I ask that every contestant buy a dedicated FOOD JOURNAL to document their food intake every day including calorie count. You are welcome to share this with us in the FB group.  
  • Participants must keep a positive attitude throughout the competition  
  • The competition boundaries are set by YOUR GOALS. I ask that each participant have a journal and write down their expectations and goals. Outline in specifics what you want to accomplish in 12 weeks. In addition to weight-loss think about other things you want to accomplish, whether that is to trim down 2 pants sizes, run a marathon, or not be lethargic when running after your kids- WHATEVER that is, it's your personal goal and it's a great one! 
  • No one gets kicked out unless you have a super bad attitude. This would be voted on by the group (not by alex) if a participant is bringing anyone else down.  
  • You must post a frontal picture, side picture, and scale shot picture of yourself to the weightloss FB group page on each Monday by the afternoon. These will be published publicly to FB every single week and on my blog! This is the best form of accountability and it takes a lot of guts to do it. Make sure you feel comfortable with this. Please wear form fitting black clothing and use the same background each week. You must include your weight loss for the week.
  • I would love to do a pin-pal type deal with the contestants where we send one another a "motivation box" throughout the competition. It does not need to be pricey, just thoughtful. Nothing makes me smile like getting something in the mail! It could be a homemade card and a picture their kiddo painted! I just want to create a really sweet and positive group of women supporting women and I think that when we take this time for us we are encouraging a lifestyle change within.


new year new you.jpg


If you are picked, CONGRATS! Please send an email to alexmichelephotography@gmail.com with the following requirements:

  • Send me a front, back, and side picture of yourself wearing black fitted workout clothing (make sure you like your background because I ask that you take your weekly pictures in the same spot)
  • Full name, age and residence
  • Tell me a little bit about yourself and your life! (married? kids? etc)  
  • What are your measurements? (take your waist, bust, hips, and bicep)
  • A short story of your weight journey and weight loss journey (if applicable) over the years
  • Tell me why you want to be apart of this competition
  • What is your ultimate goal in 12 weeks? 
  • What are the things you are looking forward to (such as wearing a size 8 again or walking up your stairs without panting)?
  • JOIN THIS FB GROUP-- https://www.facebook.com/groups/AMPsNewYearNewYouWeightlossJourney/