AMP 2017 Weight-loss Competition| Ladies Let's Do this

In January 2011 I was your typical girl trying to look good in her wedding dress. I was 40ish pounds overweight, feeling miserable about my body and all I wanted was to look like a string bean in a white gown. My focus was all wrong. I didn't really care about my health, though I promoted it on social media like I did, because I was a liar. Let's get real here, ladies, I wanted to be skinny. Aren't we all guilty of this? "I just want to be healthy." Uh huh, sure. Code name for "I want to be a skinny bitch." One of the 'many' basket-case ideas in my life was to host weight loss competitions (in 2011 and 2013/2014) thru my business page. I felt like it would be a great idea to create a small, intimate group of like-minded women that all wanted the same thing- to lose some damn weight. I lost my 40 pounds and then boom- pregnant. Luckily, all these years and lots of babies later, I am still friends with some of  my competition girls and have been able to see their lives progress. Some of us have kept the weight off, some of us haven't and some of us are sorta just in a rut, somewhere in the middle, not sure what to do or where to go from here. Unanimously I kept receiving emails/messages/comments telling me how much the competition meant to them and also asking when was I going to host another one. I have been off social media for 2ish years now drowning in my victimhood dealing with untrustworthy relationships, divorce, girl drama, ups and downs of owning a photography business, co-parenting drama, depression, a nasty breakup, family issues, a dad being sick and weight loss and also weight gain and I just couldn't handle being an online personality anymore. I needed to step back. It was exhausting trying to keep up. But slowly I am finding some balance in my life, teetering between being sociable and private, and finding myself back to feeling 'normal-ish' (normal is a silly expectation of life anyway) striving to live a more balanced life and wanting to connect and help people again. I crave a life of health; mental health, spiritual health, emotional health and physical health. I don't want to be the skinniest girl in the room. I just want to be healthy in my brain and in my body. I want us all to win. I don't care about competing with the social norm or to look like the most relevant hollywood star whose famous for God knows what. I want to feel energetic when I wake up. I want to be able to run and play with Henry. I want to be the chick who hikes and roller skates and does yoga classes and shit like that without feeling like I am going to die. I want to take dance classes again! And I don't want some quick fix or some trendy New Years resolution that i'm going to drop the ball on. I want to fix my metabolism. I want to see some serious shift in my life rooted in a new found self-discipline. I don't want to feel insecure at the beach anymore. Like I said on my Facebook Page this past week I am aiming to rock this mom bod in her one piece with strategically placed cut outs from Target like a boss. But I digress. Those are my goals. What are yours? So let's do this damn thing. You guys want a weight-loss competition? Fine let's do it. Let's reclaim our lives back. Let's do it for the right reasons. I want the focus of the competition to be about building health, connecting the mind to the body, stripping away the insecurity, putting the confidence back on our bones to feel whole again. Life is HARD, we all know that, but I promise we can do this together, one day at a time. I see you, I'm with you. So if you want to be apart of an intimate group of woman, apart of a private Facebook group, to be apart of a community of women who want the same kinds of things you do, that can support you when you feel down, that can help you reach your goals then do this. Also there is money to win! ;) Details for the 6 week long weight-loss competition below! 


  • Competition starts January 18, 2017 and ends March 15, 2017 (8 weeks) 
  • Cost: $30 to join, $50 in the pot, $80 total. Venmo this to alexmichelephotography. (if you guys want to bet more we can talk about it later) 
  • Shoot me an email,, introduce yourself, tell me about your goals and why you want to be apart of this! I will create a private Facebook Group for the competition ladies! 
  • Winner with the highest weight loss percentage wins the pot. (I will also be scouting out local businesses who want to donate their health-related services & products for the winner as well.) 
  • Must be over 25+ years of age or older and can partake/commit to chatting in the Facebook group daily. Must submit photos and weigh ins every wednesday by midnight. You don't need to be local to Jacksonville, Florida. First 25 girls to sign up are in! 

Screw this new year new me garbage... it's new year, BEST me.