AMP Family Clients | San Marco Preservation Hall/ Alexandria Park Jacksonville, Florida

You know what? There are A LOT of insanely talented, incredibly kind, wonderfully professional and downright awesome photographers in and around Jacksonville, Florida. I have been shooting since with a DSLR since 2007 and it's been nothing but the biggest dream come true to do what I love and be able to have the flexibility to raise my son from home. AMP has given my life the most incredible opportunities. But as an entrepreneur in a crazy market and as a single momma I can't help but wonder if I will ALWAYS continue to be in business as I have in all the years following. And yet year after year, as I get my taxes together and review the past years growth, I find that not only do I grow as a business and become even more successful than the years prior but that many of my clients return to me over and over again- and they sweetly send their precious friends/family my way too. The biggest, most amazing gift I could ever ask out of my business is the return of my beloved clients, the ones who have been with me thru thick and thin, thru my style changes, equipment changes/upgrades and personal life changes. I have several (what I affectionately call) AMP families whom I have watched grow from merely dating, to being engaged, to shooting their weddings, their families weddings, their gender reveal parties, their birth days of their first borns, their newborn sessions and now their family sessions and it brings nothing but joy and happiness to my heart that so many of you trust in me, year after year. It is the BIGGEST gift and my clients are pure gems to my life. Below are two of those families that I had the honor of shooting this past weekend in my neighborhood, San Marco. Both have been with me for 3-4 years now and both have precious new babies in their lives! I have watched their most amazing lifes' moments unfold before my eyes and I have used my Gods' gifted talent to show them thru my vision, creatively, and artistry just how AMAZING these moments have been to watch and document all these years. So! As I tear up writing this post I want you guys to know- The Lemme/Young + Marasigan families- I love you dearly and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for ALWAYS supporting Henry and I, my work, my craft, and my dream for AMP. And to all of my other beloved AMP family clients (you know who you are) same goes to you. Big hugs and kisses all around! XO