AMP New Year, New You PART II weightloss competition

Hello friends! As most of you know I have been hosting a 12 week weight loss competition that will be ending Monday. big sniffle sniffle. I have grown so close to these women and I can't believe how fast 12 weeks flew by. I wrote my first raw, honest blog post here when I was thinking about hosting one. When I saw the outpour of support from everyone I knew I had to just get brave and do it. And I did- right in the middle of the holidays- talk about challenging, but SO worth it. I started out with 30 contestants and happily ending with 12 very competitive, fierce ladies that have worked their freakin' butts off for the last 12 weeks. We all have crazy lives, from marriages to being single parents, working from home or working outside of the house, children and lives AND dealing with the holidays we all managed to achieve our scale and non scale goals! Every contestant has lost quite a bit of weight, from 10 pounds all the way up to 45 pounds!!! I kid you not. This has been life changing for all of us. We are all happier, more energetic, healthier and generally more positive. Most of the girls even said their marriages are better and their relationships with their kids are stronger. And does it hurt we all feel SO GOOD, so sexy, so beautiful and so confident about ourselves? I created a private group and it has been our lifeline. We hold NOTHING back on that page and we discuss anything and everything that comes to mind, support each other and encourage one another EVERY SINGLE DAY. The support and synergy has been everything to our successes. I can't tell you all enough how important it is to find like minded people to help you on your journey. I couldn't have done it without them. IT'S A NEW YEAR! 2013 is gone and 2014 is fresh and vibrant and full of promise. This is the perfect opportunity to commit to a healthier lifestyle, right?! NO MORE EXCUSES! No more putting yourself last. No more depression. No more abusing food. Leave all the crappy excuses, whether valid or not, at the door. We all did and look where we are now. This leads me to my BIG awesome announcement... YES, I WILL BE HOSTING ANOTHER weightloss competition come January 13, 2014!!!!! So are you interested? Intrigued? :) I can't wait....

Just as a side note; A lot of people ask my secret and honestly, It's nothing fancy. I work out 5 days a week, constantly pushing my limits and comfort zone by trying out new classes and by doing a lot of muscle training (squats, planks, and crunches are daily rituals for me). I eat REALLY clean, mostly plant based proteins and LOTS of green. I drink 2 Body By Vi shakes a a day for snacks or as meal replacements and I drink a gallon of water a day. That's it.

Here are a few of the rules and details for the next competition outlined below:


*SUBMISSIONS OPEN JANUARY 6, 2014. Please send submissions to with the following info in a VIDEO SUBMISSION under 10 minutes long. Please send your $10 video submission entry fee before sending me your video here. This is non-refundable, so make sure you are 100% committed to being chosen. Your name, general health and fitness back story and why you want to be apart of this journey will need to be discussed along with a full 360 degree body twirl. I want to really get to know the interested contestants and what better way than through a personal video! Be brave, you got this.



- The winner will be picked based on weightloss percentage, not pounds lost, to be the most fair


- The winner receives $2000 cash, a photoshoot + other AMAZING health & fitness related prizes; Oh and a new sexy body with new found confidence in the biggest bonus!


- 12 week long program


- Starts January 20th and ends April 14th


- Female applicants ranging from 20-50 years old.


- Must be 20+ pounds overweight to qualify


- $10 video submission entry fee paid immediately with submission here. This is non-refundable, so make sure you are 100% committed to being chosen.


- In addition to the $10 entry fee there is a $100 per person fee required for each contestant selected. Here are the details about this:

  • I will not keep this money. This money is for you!
  • There will be 20 people selected for the competition and the $2000 will be put into a secured bank account FOR THE WINNER. Talk about MAJOR incentive to win.
  • I am officially a contestant so yes, I will put in $100 as well.
  • This is also nonrefundable so make sure you are serious about submitting, serious about being selected and serious about the 12 week commitment.
  • Aside from the obvious winner gets $2k, why would I want each participant to put in $100 each? Because it means you are serious about changing your life. This is your hard earned money and you can win this and you know it. YOU CAN WIN THIS. You are gaining so much more than a new body and a new healthy life, you are getting means to take that vacation you want with your family to reward your hard work, maybe the money will go towards a personal trainer, a boudoir shoot, a brand new wardrobe, whatever you can imagine, can happen. You have 12 weeks to work towards the goal of loosing the weight AND you get money? This is a no brainer. SUBMIT to be in this competition here!


- During the competition I will assign fitpals. This was our version of a pinpal basically! This is a super fun exchange of sweet fit/motivational/homemade/free/nearly free/cheap/affordable gifts for your fellow contestants. Everyone loves getting surprises in the mail, and this kept us really motivated! This doesn't have to be expensive so don't worry about that.


- I may or may not, haven't decided yet, have every contestant buy the same digital scale for accuracy. I have not picked one just yet so stay tuned. However It will be affordable and under $50. Tell me your feedback on this.


-Submissions open to local and non local people to Jacksonville, FL, all around the world. Come one, come all.


- Must commit to daily postings on the private FB group page. This is CRUCIAL and a huge part of the journey and your success. We are like a bunch of sorority sisters without the drama. You will LOVE being apart of the group page. It has been our everything in this journey. We encourage one another, vent to each other about EVERYTHING, talk about anything we want in privacy, share recipes, ask questions, share quotes, share articles to discuss- overall this was the link we all needed. If you are skeptical that this will take time away from your current lifestyle, then you are probably right. But isn't that what you need? It won't take away from your workouts etc, obviously we all don't sit around on the computer/stare at our phones ALL day. You need 12 weeks to recreate a better you. Drop the excuses at the door and make this commitment with us.


-Commit to 4 workouts/physical acitivies a week; can be at the gym, at home, with a video, on the Wii Fit- Just get creative and get moving. You tube and Pinterest has TONS of free workouts! I am at LA Fitness Jaclsonville and I love it! I would love more gym buddies too!


-Commit to a clean eating lifestyle- NO junk food, no fast food, no soda and minimal to no cheat days.


-Must have a dependable smart phone with camera and video capabilities! We do "video challenges" where we challenge one another with different activities.


-Participants must have a good, encouraging, positive attitude. No drama. Please make sure this is during a good time in  your life where you can put yourself first for 12 weeks long. If you can't, this isn't for you.


- Every Monday there will be "Monday Weigh ins". Here are the details of that:

(Side note: There was ALOT of leniency in the past competitions about when these were due, but this next one I will not be so lenient. Make sure you can submit these images and videos EVERY SINGLE MONDAY BY MIDNIGHT. Obviously life happens and things occur, I am not impractical, I get stuff happens but always just privately message me if there is a problem with weekly weigh-ins.)

  • You will need to submit pictures, measurements, and a video of yourself "weighing in"
  • Please submit your front, side, back, and scale picture to the group page, not my email address.
  • Please take your weekly weigh in pictures in a well lit room in front of a simple colored wall for accuracy and consistency. I would prefer a white or tan wall or a consistent background, like brick or a garage door.
  • Please no selfies. Make sure someone can take a good picture of you every single Monday.
  • You can use your camera phone.
  • Make sure you can take your pictures in the SAME exact spot each week.
  • Please wear fitted clothing
  • Put these images labeled into a folder on  your desktop so you have them saved. Progress pictures are the BEST kind of motivation!


-Encourage your followers to join the health movement by posting your weekly pictures publicly on your FB page in an album. This is a great way to stay accountable and trust me, you will LOVE the support everyone will show you. Hash tag pics with #ampnewyearnewyou


-If you are local in Jacksonville, Florida I encourage you all to meet up, workout together, host meet and greets, and be supportive. Personally I work out with a few of the girls and we just love it! I hosted a Christmas Party/girls night out and we had WAY TOO MUCH FUN! This is a great opportunity for you to meet new people and get new girl friends with like minded lives along the way.


Take a look at how well some of the current contestants did!


SO... WHOSE READY?! I have 25 more pounds to go... I need a ferocious tribe to back me up.