AMP's beach body summer challenge; sponsored by Smoothie King Jacksonville

"The Whole is Greater then the Sum of it's Parts"
{synergy is the ability of a group to outperform even its best individual member.}
Welcome interested participants!
I am so glad you are here and thinking about entering in to this unique competition. As most of you know, I held a very successful weight loss competition at the beginning of this year. All of the contestants lost weight and collectively we all lost the size of a 5th grader Holy cow!!!! Our winner was Heather Stoneking who in total lost 46 pounds in 14 weeks! She looks amazing and is still achieving her goals. Currently, she has lost 54 pounds! She will be my 'assistant' in this competition and will help me run it online. I lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks and overall around 35 pounds since the winter 2010. You can read all about the previous competition here. I felt there was a lot of positive things that came from the competition! For one, we ALL lost weight- so that was mission accomplished. Two, we all met so many awesome people through the networking of the competition. I know some of the girls are still really great friends and continue to support one another. We had fun get-togethers, cooked dinner together and we all organized work outs and fun outside activities that would motivate us throughout the competition. Some of the girls were really creative about their choice of working out and it was so cool to see all the difference paths of the competition! I watched the girls transform their bodies and make healthy lifestyle choices they never would have made before. I even highly referred/recommended one of the girls a job to Smoothie King, which she now works at as a manager.Talk about the ultimate diet set up! I know another participant cut down her smoking cigarettes habit, one felt more confident to date again, a few focused on their infertility issues with the correlation to proper dieting, some fought threw the hardships of pre-bulimia and anorexia and we ALL rediscovered ourselves as people without such titles as mom, wife, military spouse, photographer, student and worker. As with anything, there were also downsides to the competition. In retrospect, I can sum it up as a bunch of sassy, opinionated girls together on one group page.  THAT part didn't bother me. I welcome the sass. I have my own, too. But the issue I did and do have a problem with were a few attitude problems. I can admit that the competition was a total unplanned, off the cuff, last minute thrown together idea that was supposed to be fun and motivating. The girls knew this coming into it. But, it didn't excuse the reactions. The competition started getting serious because after all it WAS indeed a competition for there to be ONE winner within ultimate prize. Creating stricter rules separated the 'women' from the 'girls'. I have always been a tough love type of person and since this was my competition I ran it as I saw fit. I started cracking down about rules, deadlines and the length of the program. And, although verbally it appeared that EVERYONE was on the same page, we weren't. When the rules came into effect a different tune was sung by some. There were a few girls that were not agreeable, dropped out and did not finish the competition. Their reasons are their own.
From a personal standpoint, it hurts more than upsets me. I did everything I could with the tools I had- which was a  desire to want to change personally and a desire to want to help change them. I had my own platform to losing weight and created a competition around it. I was not trying to dictate,  run the competition for 100% self benefit, gain attention and hype, nor because I enjoy the authority role, as some suggested.
The contestants receieved a lot of awesome stuff! I got them all connections with Smoothie King Jacksonville. The franchise owners Jason Luther and Kris Risch were so RIDICULOUSLY generous with what they donated to us. I spent countless hours meeting with them {they can attest to this} and other participating vendors all in the selfless benefit that the girls would achieve their highest success. I texted and called them constantly about working out with me and having 'smoothie date's'. I got them over $50 each in gift-cards for each participant From Smoothie King, SK support, free classes to Lifestyles, and created an aura of local community support. How many people can say that have 12,000 people rooting for them? The support was unmeasurable and priceless, it was AMAZING how many of my fans cared about each one of our progresses. I watched as we all moved from couches to boot camp, entered into Mud races, doing nothing to something, and replacing alcohol and drug filled lifestyles to a chosen sober living. I heard their stories and struggles and I listened with heart, care, and concern. I treated these girls like best friends, sticking my neck out and business name for EACH of them so that they would be happier and healthier. I even invited them all to my wedding,... I felt that close to them! Aside from running my business full time, working out myself, and stressing out over wedding planning, I always found the time to make them one of my main priorities. In the end, I know only a handful truly understood the purpose and intent of the program. Only a few really appreciated everything I had done for them. For these reasons, I am operating this competition differently. I'm not bitter, so don't worry. I am just better educated with how to pick the contestants and how to run the competition. I want to make the intentions known upfront so they aren't questioned down the road. I have learned and grown from it, so thank-you nay-sayers, you've helped me {you know who you are}. I take it as a positive. Overall,  I want this to be an excellent and positive experience for everyone involved. So if you are interested in doing THIS competition, in fewer words, spare me your unnecessary drama, I am here to work.
Alas, I am bringing to you part deux of the weight loss challenge!  It will be better organized, focused on self-esteem and positivity, an ultimately will be about synergizing with your peers. If you are anything like me then you know how it feels to 'want' to lose weight but never getting there. This competition will give you the motivation and tools you will need to succeed! This isn't just about shedding the pounds, this is a lifestyle change! I am so excited to see who welcomes this new journey on with me. I personally want to lose these last stubborn 20 pounds and arrive at my goal weight. I am focusing this competition on the ideals of summer time that often scare us! All that comes to my mind are bathing suits....skinny girls.... bathing suits.... beach....sand.... sun....pool time.... did I say bathing suit? sun dresses....BBQ's.... tanning.... and lots of showing skin! I want to transform you in to the supermodel vixen I know you can be, gain back all that lost self esteem, and re-invigorate your life! I want you to feel as hott as summertime in your skin and suit! I lost 30 pounds at the beginning of the year and felt incredible. I have 20 more to go and a whole life ahead of me... you with me?


To be eligible for the competition:

1. Wants/can "healthily" lose at least 20+ pounds (according to target weight range).

2. Reside in Jacksonville, Florida or surrounding nearby areas. {callahan, orange park, st. augustine}

3. Considered healthy by your doctor to join a weight loss program

4. Can attend the Smoothie King launch party on Tuesday June 28 at 8:30p.m. at the Townscenter location {this isn't mandatory if you CAN'T make it. However, I would love to meet everyone that has submitted into the competition. I will be picking the top 15 POST launch party!}




Competition Submission:

  • comment this blog telling me that you are jumping up for joy over this competition!
  • tell your friends about AMP & SK jax and fan us up!
  • write a comment on both pages introducing yourself and say hey!
  • then, email with a health resume! :) hehe...
  • This includes your name, age, weight, height, AND tape measurements. {waist, bust, hips, thigh, bicep, and neck}
  • Tell me why you want to be in this competition and what it would mean to you to win!
  • Tell me about your weight struggles
  • Tell me your weight loss goals
  • Keep it short, sweet, and simple but informative.
  • email a full length picture, backside picture, and side profile picture. Make sure you are wearing tight fitting clothing
  • email a picture of your weight ON the scale itself
  • email a FUN picture that shows your personality best!
  • video submissions are welcomed too!
  • ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY Monday June 27th by 8:00p.m.
  • I will carefully go through all the submissions with Jason Luther and we will collectively pick the team POST launch at SK!

Rules + Conditions of the competition:

1. Commit to an 8 week challenge. The competition starts June 27 and ends August 22.

2. Commit to working out purposefully atleast once a day for atleast 5 times a week (can be at home, gym, outdoors, free or paid for and/or classes) for the next 8 weeks.

3. Commit to replacing a meal a week with a Lean1 Smoothie at any of the Smoothie King Jacksonville stores.

4. Commit to posting interactions atleast twice/day on the arranged Facebook group wall for community support.

5. Commit to a food journal

6. Contestant can follow the weight watchers diet or others they feel comfortable with, but recognize a well balanced diet is key and fads DO NOT WORK.

7. Contestant must own or purchase an accurate weight scale, measuring cups, and anything they see fit to help portion control their meals.

8. Contestant must weigh in every Monday Morning pre breakfast for accuracy. It it to be posted on the group page by 8pm every Monday.

9. Along with the weight in, the contestant must submit a weekly FULL LENGTH frontal view Monday picture to the group page with your weight, Body Fat %, BMI, and other standards set by AMP. Please wear all black and tight fitting clothing.

10. Contestant must realize that AMP runs this competition on an accountability and honesty-only policy. Please be honest throughout the challenge about your possible weight losses, gains, and plateaus. It should also be known that your stats and pictures will be posted publicly on Facebook and AMP's Blog. The purpose is to receive positive feedback and to acknowledge your personal accountability. This is not done to embarrass you or make you feel ashamed of your weight or body image.  Please do NOT compare you successes to others, we are all on our own path.

11. Be willing to participate in local group activities. I realize our schedules will sometimes conflict, but this weight loss challenge needs to be a main priority of yours for the next 8 weeks.

12. Understand and accept the DETOX list. There are some choices and foods you can portion control and 'ween' off of, but there are others that are most important to detox and cleanse.

13. Keep an upbeat and positive attitude! If something bothers you, share it. If you are upset, email me. Just be HONEST and everything will run smoothly.




Detox list for the next 8 weeks:

No soda (diet or regular)

No fast/fried food

No alcohol for the first 3 weeks

No obvious "bad" junk foods (chips, ice cream, cookies, candy)




After 8 weeks of blood, sweat, and tears, the person with the HIGHEST Body fat% loss will be the winner!



Prizes for winning:



AMP glam session- can be a total bombshell bathing suit styled shoot!

Smoothie King giftcard

Planet Beach goodies

6 month free membership to World Gym-Jacksonville, Florida locations

Free membership to Baileys Gym

more prizes coming....