Anna + Brian | Lifestyle Newborn Session

There are so many amazing perks to this whole picture taking business. Aside from the obvious the most incredible compliment a little ole photographer like me could ever receive would be to continue working with the same clients on their milestones as they experience them. Anna and Brian have been my clients turned friends for years now! I was blessed to get to know them from a previous client 5 years ago and through Facebook and fate we stayed in contact! I had the privileged of shooting their engagement and wedding. Then shortly after I got the text I SO KNEW was coming- "we're pregnant and we want you to document it". Totally amazing! So it was! I got to shoot their gender reveal session too (the fun one with all the glitter!) and finally...their lifestyle newborn session and it was beyond a treat. Firstly, because I adore these two people and secondly, because I have never in my life seen two parents radiate with such utter happiness and joy than when I walked through their doors to meet The Miss Catalina Grace. It was beautiful to capture. Isn't it amazing how a baby can bring out the best in our relationships sometimes? I am absolutely obsessed with this darling baby girl- she is just stunning and so, so sweet! She was the perfect little model and obliged all of my requests with poise and with Grace, which we all wouldn't expect any less, since her middle name is in fact "Grace".

Catalina, Alina, Lina- whichever your parents decide to go with know that you, little princess, are so loved by them. They wanted you from the moment they fell in love and literally couldn't wait another day to have you. You are truly such a gift! Anna and Brian, you will experience sleepless nights, exhaustion, shower-less days and lots of take out food- but soak it all in, THIS is what life is all about. Expanding your life from two to three and beyond, you were both MADE for this. Brian, you are already proving to be an even more amazing man- watching you carefully hold and shush little Alina, well it just nabbed my heart strings. You are the glue to this family and you are such a good guy! She is so lucky to have a daddy like you! Anna, you are stunning. I have never seen this look on your face before and let me tell you, if you weren't gorgeous before, well my dear you are just 10x even more now. As I write this I have tears streaming down my face (as they welled up as I shot you with Catalina) because I remember all too well how amazing that felt to hold your entire world in your arms. I still look back on my images and they remind me. They ground me. They put that same proud smile on my face, yes even beyond the Henry-tantrums we have been experiencing as of late, and reassure me I doing something right. So enjoy her, every little bit of her. The diaper changes, the cries, the days you don't even know what to do- because this is the stuff dreams are made of. I set out to capture that in your shoot and I am overjoyed with how everything turned out. I will be posting your outdoor session in another post next week when we finish with her outdoor portraits so be on the lookout for more treats!

Now, now, without further ado I would love to welcome Catalina Grace Marasigan into the AMP family, cheers to you little sweetie, you are a perfect edition in every bitty way!

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