August Goals | A Personal Post

"We're all just walking each other home" -- Ram Dass

Last month I decided it would be a great idea to make a public charge of goals. I feel like the accountability always puts that extra oomph in a choice, something I sometimes need. I am happy to report I conquered some of my goals. I would also like to mention I feel short of most, however. But you know what? I am okay with that. I think life is more about the journey and the process than the end result anyway. For August I will scale back a bit as I feel like I added too many personal and too many professional goals all together for one little ole' month. This is by no means a "pass" for myself or an easy way out, more of a reasonable revisal. As silly as it may sound July was all about "life after Facebook". And the answer is? Of course there is LIFE after Facebook! I did go through some strange withdrawals. I had several days where I would try to actively check my account and realize that A) I deleted the Facebook app on my phone and B)  When I "liked" something (on anything non Facebook) by habit, it would annoying-less reactivate my Facebook personal page. Visiting my page felt like betrayal against me. It happened twice and I never want to go back. I felt like I was doing something really bad. Quickly I would find my settings, answer a few questions about leaving Facebook, the sweat subsided and alas I was yet again Facebook free. It only happened one more time after that and then I realized I can't "like" anything anymore that's linked to Facebook otherwise a reactivation would occur. I would say it took about 2 weeks to realize Facebook was dead to me.

I hung out with a few friends this past month who told me stories about themselves or about other friends/acquaintances and it was... lovely. What a thought. To hear a story face to face and to be surprised and not have that "I know" look "because I have already seen it in my feed". face. And what a revelation to say, "sorry, I don't have Facebook anymore, but please tell me about..." It's been nice. It's still eerily "mentally quiet" in my head without the "Facebook alarm clock" to greet my dreary eyes upon waking up. Slowly but surely I am getting use to not having my iPhone glued to my hand or glued to social media. But perhaps I have traded one addiction to the next? I find myself on instagram more, but it's so different. It feels so, very different. Harmless. Easy. Good. Firstly because the concept is simple- post picture with a caption, like other pictures or don't, browse hashtags for inspiration, friend request or follow. That's it; A simple scroll, a few words and LOTS of beautiful imagery. And secondly, I love pictures. And I particularly love well executed, well processed and well displayed iPhone pictures. Some of these edits are just lovely pieces of art. I am so envious of some of these people I follow... such beautiful portraits they paint in their tiny square format frames. It's like dessert for my eyes. 

I have been going to Sub30 at Celebration Church every wednesday and it feels like home for my soul. I wasn't raised in a church or with any particular religion as a lifestyle so this is all very new to me. But I feel inspired and captivated. My attention is peeked. And in this inspiration comes my August goals which are founded on one simple thought: intentionality. Thinking in an assertive way to better serve God and those I love around me while making plans with purpose and thriving through life versus simply surviving it. As a single mom it's easy to get caught up in the mundane schedule of every day activity with henry- cooking, cleaning the house, playing, cleaning up, pop a tylenol to deal with the two year old tantrums, wiping his dirty faces, diaper changes, potty training, reading, activities etc. Oh and work? Yeah that too. I want to go to bed earlier, sleep more, dream bigger and wake up with a clearer purpose and intention in ALL the facets of my life. I want to connect with people around me and find strength and courage within the community. 


July Goals:

  1. Lose 8 pounds (starting weight- 172 lbs)- I lost 6 pounds and gained some back. :( yo-yo me. I am at 170. So I sort of accomplished this one! 
  2. Read an inspiring book- I read two! Jesus>Religion + Gone Girl- BOTH EXCELLENT! 
  3. Go to the beach (I live 10 minutes away and NEVER go)- I shot a beach wedding. Does this count? Uh no it does not... revisit. 
  4. Re-design my website- Did not accomplishment. Will do in August. Promise. 
  5. Submit a few weddings for publication- Did not accomplishment. I need to hire an assistant for this, such a reward to see them published but it takes a lot of time/busy work to submit them. 
  6. Create new business cards- Did not accomplishment. :( I need a new logo...
  7. Cut my hair into a pixie (gulp)- A C C O M P L I S H E D!!!!! I LOVE, love love love it!!! I went to London Alex who works at the fabulous Gywnne Mims Salon in riverside. Go and tell them I sent you! 
  8. Make an effort to go to the gym- Accomplished sort-of/half assedly. I need to find my mojo again. 
  9. Drink more water- check
  10. Pray more, want less.- definitely accomplished. 


August Goals:

  1. Schedule more time to do activities with mommy friends
  2. Go camping
  3. Redesign website
  4. Read 3 books
  5. To have more patience with Henry 
  6. To not step foot into Target (omg this is going to be hard). 
  7. Print some personal pictures out
  8. Create new business cards 

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