Baby Ben's Birth Day | Jacksonville, Florida birth story

Where do I even start with just how special of a day this was for ALL of us?! Oh my gosh... Ben's parents and families have been my clients for years. I shot their family session a few years back and I shot mom & dad's engagement AND wedding pictures. I am having the pleasure of shooting Ben's aunts wedding next year at The Cummer Museum too even and gosh I can only image the getup he will wear that day!! (yes, think baby tux!) . Earlier this year I shot their gender reveal party that we all found out that blue cake meant BOY and it all was leading up to this very day, the moment that Ben finally came into the world to say hello to all of us! It has been and continues to be such a treat to shoot so many beautiful momentous occasions in the Lemme & Young's lives and I just think that I have to settle down and say that I will always have perma goosebumps from these guys- every stinking session! I am just so lucky to be apart of their lives I can hardly stand it! Ben's birth day was no exception to the greatness we have all done together. I always tell my clients that my work is only a mere reflection of the amazing relationship we build together and that it's simply a team effort. Well little (BIG!) Ben surely was going to steal the show this day on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 7:45am coming in at a whooping 10 pounds AND 9 ounces, 20.5 inches long... he was just perfect. (As you all know I am partial to the big boys as my "little" henry was 10 pounds too! :)

When I arrived at the hospital their families were anxiously waiting for the sound of the lullaby over the speaker system because that meant Ben was here! Once we heard it we all came out and saw dad walking down the hallway with happiness and pride all over his face. I am tearing up just remembering it. I saw Ben and melted, quietly crying, shooting and beaming. I have become a pro at feeling all these emotions and still not forgetting to adjust my setting and press the shutter as I glow with excitement and emotion. He was so perfect! Brown long hair, pudgy perfect cheeks and the cutest and sweetest rose bud-lipped pout I have EVER seen in my life. INSTANT LOVE! (Yikes, instant baby fever more like it!). I watched as dad welled up with emotion and tears as the tests were being completed. Ben was here and we were all just thrilled! There is nothing quite like witnessing and documenting the birth day of a child, what a miracle it truly is. I felt so alive that day and so thankful for this little dude.

The pictures tell their story and I will stop chatting so you can enjoy them! The second half of the shots were on day 2 of life and gosh they are my favorite!!!! I will be visiting my friends this weekend to shoot their lifestyle newborn session in their home and every 3 months thereafter. Congrats to the new parents, Beth & Tim, for a job well done. Big Ben is PERFECT!!!!!!!!