baby jack | Jacksonville Florida Newborn Photographer

Nothing makes me happier than shooting several special events in a clients lives especially when they are friends of mine. I have known Sara and Nick for about 11 years. At only 16 years old I was introduced to these two through my older sister as her friends. Little did I know at the time that I would be shooting their future amazingly adorable carnival engagement session , their Glen Venue wedding and now their first born baby boy! Isn't is funny how life works out? I was thrilled these two trusted my vision of a relaxed lifestyle session with me. I know it's not a traditional approach but I feel like my talents are in a photojournalistic style versus the perfectly staged/posed newborn sessions. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE sessions like that (as Henry's with Baby as Art was UNREAL AWESOME) it's just not where my strengths lie. And because they entrusted in me I was able to document something really special- jack with this parents at just 2 weeks old in their cozy home as naturally as possible. I just adored how this session turned out; from the adorable pink and blue getup on their minty couch, nicks goo goo eyes at his new son, sara's tender kisses and sweet smiles towards her new price and Jack just as perfectly awake and asleep as he was,... it was just a lovely session. We did get to go outside for a few posed outdoor shots (which I love doing) and I just beamed when Jack smiled. I'm so glad someone thinks I am funny around here! I hope you guys enjoy this cute session. With stunning parents like Sara and Nick and super handsome cutie like Jack, how could it not be adorable? I will be shooting Jack's nursery tomorrow so I can't wait to update you guys... trust me (and you can sort of see in these shots), the nursery is GORGEOUS and total publish worthy! These two did an exceptional job creating a little sanctuary for their perfect prince! :)

Sara and Nick, I love you two dearly and congratulations on your first bouncing baby boy! To your family, congrats, I know you are all giddy over this new baby boy in a sea of mostly girls! Sara, I cannot wait for future baby dates with Jack and Henry, baby shopping trips, and VIP mom chats... and of course when baby #2 comes around- hehe :) MUAH!