Bobbi + Donald; yellow and grey spring affair

I had the utmost pleasure of photographing Donald and Bobbi's wedding on a scrumptious Saturday afternoon on March the 19th! It was my VERY FIRST wedding of the year and nothing short of a treat! It was filled with love, emotion, the cutest blond haired and blue eyed kids EVER, yellows, soft grays, a candy bar, great music, HILARIOUS groomsmen, a stunning bride {ummm hello did you see those eyes and figure?!} southern food and warmth! I knew it was going to be a special day the moment I walked in and the bride and I literally did a running happy dance when we saw each other! For sure, hands down, this is when you know you have become a perfect fit with your photographer, when they get JUST AS excited about your wedding as if they were in it as your best friend and bridesmaid in it, then you have hit the jackpot of all wedding vendors, period. :) I got to hang out with Bobbi from her sassy bride robe to the makeup she did all on her own, seeing her one special little peony {hehe, they weren't quite in season yet :)}, her AWESOME facial expressions to annoying intruders, the lovely women at the church {*cough*cough*}, the most magical and special moment between her and her grandmother whose since passed, Donald's sweet boy Conner, her joy filled momma and the overall generosity and kindness of ALL their guests as they came up to me numerous times throughout the day! It was one of those feel-good-down- to the bones awesome weddings and I was HONORED to be apart of it!

For me, the most special part of the day came after the day. After Bobbie asked if I had caught any moments of her now angel grandmother, I was smitten when I came across the ones I had. In retrospect was being there when Bobbi's grandmother walked in the room, seeing her for the first time, truly made my heart melt and filled my eyes with tears then and brings tears to my eyes now. Bobbi described her as her best friend and kindred spirit and you could just tell instantly. It was one of the perfectly peaceful moments that I captured from the walk-in, to the hug, to the advice, to the compliments, and the cheek grab. Swooooooon for real.

Every wedding teaches me something new about myself and this one definitely taught me to literally, *never* stop shooting the moment you arrive. Be the discreet fly on the wall that is proactive, helpful, and always smiling, be the person someone can hand a bouquet to or joke with, be the bridesmaid that the bride may not have, or the planner if she's lacking, or the baby holder if someone's busy. Be the person that is always smiling and indulging in the bride, making her feel like a Hollywood starlett that you just can't take your eyes or camera away from because she is just B-E-A-M-I-N-G! But most importantly be the photographer for your clients as opposed to being a photographer for yourself. Don't allow yourself to get wedding jaded. It's not just about the moments they you might deem perfectly picturesque worthy, magazine ready, publication oozing, vogue-like or even award winning. To me it's about my client and their day of days and how my heart never stops beating from the the moment I walk in to the last little sigh before I leave. I am invested emotionally, creatively, professionally, and as a friend. I *know* this is what makes me so damn good at what I do.

I am filled with happiness, gratification, honor, and love for the Dugen's and their family for giving them the gift of eternal memory! I wish them all the laughter and happiness in the world as they embark on this marriage together...enjoy their best images of such a special day!


Bobbi writes,..."The best part of our wedding day…wow. that is a tough one! I would have to say it was the double doors opening to the organs piping and me seeing Donald for the first time. I was overcome with joy and I know he was too! it was the moment that finally made me realize “this is it! I am actually getting married!” a year of planning came down to that one moment..bliss :)

"I think the best part of hiring Alex Michele Photography would be that Alex wasn’t JUST a photographer. She was a friend..and she wasn’t a friend before I hired is just what she made herself. She was always there for me if I had ANY questions or concerns and always handled everything in a professional and responsible manner. On top of that Alex isn’t your typical photographer, she is more than that. she doesn’t just click a button on a really expensive camera and call it a day, she truly takes the time and effort to learn who you are and to turn your special moment in to a work of art that reflects who the client is as a person. She captured EVERY moment of our special day and I would never change the choice a made to have her as our photographer! I just want to say thank you again to Alex..she’s an amazing person inside and out with a heart of gold.. I’m so lucky to have had her there with me on my wedding day to capture all the beautiful moments! I think the most important moment she captured was of the alone time I got with my grandmother.. this girl doesn’t miss a beat. We lost my grandmother a week after the wedding but now I have the beautiful images to hold on to, share with my family, and keep close to my heart..thank you AMP!