brea and alex: a playful rustic, engagement shoot

Brea & alex were a photographers dream. I will start off by saying that first. :) And it's not just because of their adorably quaint-cutesy clothing choices for the shoot, the bits of personal inanimate reflections, globe yellow balloons, the special rustic elements, Brea's white eyelet dress or even Alexs' TOMS' shoes. It was because of how sweet, carefree, and total-breath-of- fresh- air type of relationship they shared and how this lucky photographer {that's me!} was the one to capture it all. sigh, it was wonderful. You can see their feature on the Sparkle & Hay blog here!

When Brea first contacted me about shooting their engagement session by stating they were driving 4 hours to see me, I knew I had to go over and beyond the call of duty. AND, on top of it, Brea & Alex are talented photographers themselves. So, I had a couple taking an 8 hour drive to shoot with me and out of ANY photographer in Florida {because let's face it, there are TONS of awesome ones around}, they picked me. I was so excited and beaming for this opportunity. Brea was a women that knew what she wanted- an ounce of Alex's minimalistic style, a pinch of vintage, lots of rustic, and a whole-lotta' quirky artistic juices. Brea was quirky, outgoing, hilarious and down right fun. Alex was equally as comical, but was gentle and had a manner about him that seemed to provide Brea with a sense of safety. I could see it in their eyes just how much FUN these two have together both in trouble and it their domestic days, like a real life Bonnie and Clyde. And, I loved every bit. :)

Congrats on the engagement you dynamic duo! :D Oh, and enjoy their photo's!