Catie + Andrew | an alpine groves park, bright and colorful engagement session

Catie and Andrew met incidentally at a local bar/restaurant in Gainesville, Florida called Tapas and Tini's in Haile Plantation. Neither had met before but were out that fateful night in the same place each with their respective group of friends. Catie recalls having NO desire to go out that night and would have preferred to have stayed home to a quiet evening to herself when her girlfriends convinced her to just go out and have a good time and dinner and if she was tired, to go home early. Catie decided that sounded like a good compromise. Lo and behold she decided she was having fun and later that evening, the DJ set up at the bar for the monthly Latin night complete with music and dancing. The host and the bar was trying to get the party started and after a few grumbles, Catie and a friend decided to be good sports and attempt dancing. After scanning the dance floor for a cute guy to dance with, Catie spotted andrew and called dibs. After a few minutes of nauseating swaying back and forth reminiscent of dancing at the high school prom, Andrew suggested they take a break so he could buy her a drink. Andrew unfortunately has two left feet and while Catie has a background in dance, latin isn't necessarily her thing. They decided to skip further dances and talk at the bar the rest of the evening instead. The rest, as they say, is history.


Catie writes...

"Our wedding colors are aubergine (eggplant purple) and a dark, smokey gray...supplemented with lighter shades of lavender, gray, and ivories. We chose these colors because we felt they evoked a sense of autumn without being too literal. The main inspiration for the theme/feel of the wedding was actually invitations I fell in love with (and used) at wedding paper divas called lovely trellis. it is a vintage vibe birds and vines design made by dwell studio, a graphic design company and specializes in home goods that i completely gravitate too. Our sense of style is a mix of modern and vintage eclectic and this theme felt perfect. I loved the idea of the vintage/found object feeling (i'm an anthropologie junkie and former employee) and I like how that aesthetic gives a very romantic, home-y vibe. Additionally, the "lovebirds" theme, when done with the vintage inspiration felt just the right amount of cute and romantic but also very mature and grown-up. Finally, our venue a the local country club with feature a reception with both indoor and outdoor spaces and the theme fit nicely with the setting. We are both very involved in our faith so the ceremony will be at the church we attend weekly, Holy Faith Catholic Church. The reception venue will be at Haile Plantation Golf and Country Club. No particularly special reason was chosen except it's lovely, was the right size, and being that we decided to for sure have the wedding in Gainesville, nothing else really stood out to us. I heard about Alex and AMP through my friend Alexa Moor. After I saw her wedding images i was hooked. I had already had a photographer booked for the better part of a year and had had engagement photos taken. I was so heartbroken with my experience with the original photographers, and i can't sugar coat it, I HATED the engagement photos they took. Lovely people but their style was NOT what I wanted after all. I spent several months trying to convince myself I was fine with the decision but one night in July I literally broke down and basically panicked realizing it would be a huge mistake to use them. That's when I saw Alexa's photos and realized in my heart that is the style I wanted my images to be in. Alexa also told me what a dream it was to work with Alex and how the whole experience was jsut so natural. So on a prayer I contacted Alex and to my amazement she was available. I booked right away. I was so happy with the engagement session I could literally cry tears of joy. Andrew and I are not the most creative people in the world but Alex recommended a beautiful location based on a few "likes" that I mentioned. It was perfect. Alex avoided forced poses and rather just let us be us. It felt so natural and she was so positive. She was open to the one moment of creativity we had when we found some berries that fit our color scheme. My last minute feelings and thoughts about the engagement are literally tears of joy over how happy I am with the photos I've seen so far. I can't wait to have my day documented where I get to marry my best friend. I'm already dreaming of being 90 and showing my great grandkids these photos!"