Chelsea and Corey are engaged | a Bohemian campsite inspired engagement session

Chelsea writes,... "The overall vibe Im going for for our wedding is rustic-bohemian-vintage. It will all be outdoors, hopefully *no rain dance* As of right now, the wedding and reception will be at the San Marco Preservation Hall in Fletcher Park. Buuuutt, we may be changing that. Looking into a few things before we can make that final decision to change it!

I can't say enough nice things about Alex and AMP. All around wonderful :) I don't know many wedding photographers, but after meeting Alex, she definitely raises all expectations. She is easy to get ahold of and quick to reply. The day of the engagement session she sent me a confirmation text just make sure we were good to go. Like most people our age, I'm all about texting and email, and she gets that! Its awesome. During the shoot we had about 45 minutes of that magic hour lighting. Without feeling rushed or in a hurry we breezed through countless shots and definitely made good use of that precious perfect lighting. Corey and I felt relaxed and at ease the whole shoot. I liked how Alex told us how to sit or look. Her taking control made everything run much more smoother and it took the awkwardness out of "posing" for pictures.

The best thing about hiring Alex? Gaah where to begin. I have been in love with her work for almost 2 years now. Her work is quality and she keeps getting better and better. To finally be THE couple in her beautiful photographs...I think thats the best part. I would absolutely recommend AMP. Her work speaks for itself. I hope to use AMP in the future. She is simply the best in my opinion so why go any where else!"