Emily | Senior Portrait Session at Alpine Groves Park

Where do I even start? This was one of my most favorite sessions I have ever had the pleasure of shooting. Emily and I have been in contact for almost a year trying to coordinate the perfect time and location and weather for her senior session with me. We have postponed it so many times for various reasons and finally on this April Friday we got the chance to work some magic together. Emily is one of those girls who has her head set on straight. I am already so proud of the young woman she is and the woman she will keep growing into being. She is confident and sweet and has this mature and self respectful demeanor about her that any mother would want their daughter to encompass. And she has such big goals! Emily is a c/o 2014 senior at the incredibly prestigious Bolles and will be attending Florida State University in the fall for a degree in fashion. She currently makes her own clothing and loves yoga, cheerleading, and anything free spirited that involves nature. Alpine Groves Park was a perfect backdrop for this little yogi girl! It gave me everything I would want to really showcase her personality! Emily and I had such a lovely time working together, talking about life and what's important and how to achieve your goals. I had to, of course, give her lots of "big sisterly" type advice, the kind of advice I wish someone had told me at her age. What was kind of neat was that I graduated highschool in 2004, exactly 10 years ago. So enjoy her pretty little senior pictures and Emily, always remember the world is your OYSTER!!!!!

(Ps- Emily-- Enjoy your girlfriends, stay away from boys (for now), always go to class after that fun all-nighter party and never stop to appreciate the good!)