Henry meet your balloons, balloons meet your Henry | San Marco, Jacksonville Florida


I waited a long time to see this expression.

I spent 8 out of 9 months being pregnant going crazy over trying to make a hot air balloon mobile for him. You know how us new mommies get, we obsess over the nursery. I wanted to SO badly be the amazing Pinterest Queen and come up with some amazingly gorgeous creation that one day I could tell him "I made that just for you!!" I tried project after project, material after material and I failed every time. It always looked either like a craft project, tacky, or too abstract to tell it was suppose to be hot air balloons. So, I sucked it up and finally bought this one. It was $80 and I couldn't believe I spent *that* much money on a mobile. What was he going to do with it really? But it was worth every penny. It came beautifully wrapped, each balloon was specially painted and the netting is just gorgeous. Each balloon looks just like a miniature REAL hot air balloon- a total piece of art work. I almost cried when I saw it. Silly as that sounds it was the perfect last piece for his room. Since moving to our beautiful rental home I wasn't allowed to hang it from the ceiling so I figured the next best place was the window sill. Henry never really notices it there because it's semi hidden, not like he had before when it danced over his head. The shadows told stories on the wall.

But today he did.

The sun made the balloons twinkle and Henry noticed. I put him on the window seat so he could look a bit more. His eyes were curious and mesmerized, almost saying 'there you are my magnificent little friend'. I love that sweet innocent look on his face, being all boy and being captivated by so many colorful, tiny 'flights'. I hope to one day fly the world with this boy, point out all the wonderful things in the smallest of ideas and ride the clouds with him in our very own hot air balloon ride.

 he is, and will always be, my biggest accomplishment.

the many faces of Henry David. Never a dull moment.

Out of the many adorable, sweet things I love about him, by far one of his best traits are his talkative fingers. I have a feeling he will be a 'hand talker' just like his mommy- it's how I get my point across just a bit extra. I just love the conversations they have and how chubby & wrinkly they are. He always has some sort of interesting gesture and it's always purposeful (I think at-least). I guess it goes without saying, mom's can't help but just love every square of their babies- even if no one notices but them! (notice the 'i love you' sign? or could be rock on)

These lil' gems were shot last week by my best friend Britney. She has been randomly picking up my camera when she see's little moments of us together. I just adore these shots and I really encourage all you mommies to get an at home "photo assistant" to do the same. Let your other kids apply and let them take turns. They don't have to be a pro, just know basic settings, everything can be tweaked later. I am grateful I have shots like this. I never want to look back and regret not having these love moments preserved.