Henry, the spiderman

Henry David: almost 15 months old; my dare devil- little spider wonder.

You are so crazy these days son. You are into everything, jumping on everything, climbing everything. You still only have 6 teeth but yet you do everything else so well. You can feed yourself with your own fork, you can climb, and now you can even reach the door handles which means you are literally into every single closet and drawer. You would rather play with momma's tupperware, old pots, and anything that has a top to it than your toys any day. It doesn't bother me too much because let's face it, after nannying for 8 years I know kids just don't need an abundance of toys to be happy. I pride myself on getting you that one something special every few months from the consignment store or from our local goodwill. One of my favorite things to do with you lately is to score almost brand new books from the Goodwill, it's like these little treasures we find together and always so cheap at .50 cents or less.

You are restless, hilarious and full of spunk. You keep me laughing every time I see your little chipmunk grin and smell your sweet "Henry aroma". I want to bottle it up and never forget! I took these pictures yesterday in my room because you, little booger, climbed all the way to the top of my queen sized bed and frolicked around like it aint' no big deal. You owned that bed. I saw it as I stared at you through the doorway.Today was really rainy, moody, and dark. It easily could have made for a depressing sunday but how could we frown when we have so much to giggle at? You always remind me to enjoy life even when it's not so ideal looking or picture perfect. You are so cute baby boy with your spider man shirt and your 6-12 month I-cant-believe-they-still-fit baby gap knitted pants. I love you, just as crazy as you are and grow into being. Love that belly that sticks out of your pants and your giggle that is way too mature for your own good and those your big soft hands. But mostly I love when you take a break from the independent toddler you are becoming and you fall into my grasp, submitting yourself to being all mine. These are my favorite moments because I was made for you to need me.

These images were shot with my canon 5d mark iii and the 50mm 1.2 lens. I used red leaf presets in LR and it took me a total of 45 minutes to capture these pictures, upload, cull in photomechanic, edit, and blog this bunch. I don't want to fuss too much with everyday shots of you so I keep the workflow lite and it keeps my head straight and still excited to keep this my hobby. And just in case you were wondering those cute shams are from Anthropologie (oh to dream bedding) and the duvet is pottery barn. Henry's vintage baby tee is from Old Navy!


Newly added shots from our manic Monday today!