Henry's 2nd Birthday | What Does The Fox Say? San Marco, Jacksonville Florida

About 4 months ago it hit me that Henry indeed was having yet another birthday! Time seems to be going way too fast as of late. Didn't I just plan his Peter Rabbit soiree? It's amazing how that happens. I first chose a super fun, tropical "Key West" theme for him but shortly changed it when Henry favored a certain song. It's a song we ALL know and hate and love and sing to and shiver to. Most of us hate to admit how much we love it- but hey it's catchy and nonetheless it is certainty HIS favorite beat. "What Does The Fox Say?" by Ylvis is surely something else and very iconic for 2014. I can calm a tantrum in public simply by playing this tune and I knew that the beachy theme had to be tossed out at once. Thus "What Does The Fox Say?" took center-stage in my head. I changed so many things along this process. I had a huge party planned, a park booked and 60+ guests on my list and decided after started to plan that I wanted to do something smaller, more intimate and on a more humble scale. I was just too busy with all my spring weddings and didn't have the patience I did last year. I gave myself a pass. :) So at this point I guess you have permission to giggle and/or roll your eyes seeing how "little" and "humble" it ended up being- but trust me, it was very simple and very affordable. I kid you not... I shopped for his party literally 4 days before it happened. I only invited close friends and family members (23 in total) and held it in our new backyard at our historical home in San Marco. And boy was it amazing! Not just because it was fun to envision and put together but also because there was ZERO stress involved. No party favors, no running around town like a crazy woman, no anxiety over who to invite and no $500+ spent on a lavish kids party that no one really appreciates but me, but rather a sweet dinner party celebrating my terrible two's (oops, I mean sweet!) little man. I had 3 INCREDIBLE vendors that I owe it all to when it comes to how pretty this party came out.

Shea Hopely Flowers totally took my breath away when she showed up with these creations. I told her very little from the get-go. I told her the party was fox inspired and that I wanted it to be more masculine in style and that the colors were burnt orangey/coral, sage, black, white, with dashes of gold. She created a masterpiece. I am still amazed looking at all these gorgeous arrangements she concocted. The textures, colors and all the varieties and species of flowers are just unbelievable. She is such an artist! I recommend her to EVERY single client of mine because she is the best there is and I LOVE shooting her flowers. So if you haven't already, go check her out. She is my publicly admitted super florist crush. I can't tell you how much it means to me that Shea puts so much time, creativity, and excitement into my son's birthday party the same way she approaches her big lavish weddings. Simply put, Shea you rock! Thanks for sharing your vision with me two years in a row!

The second VIP vendor which which I used last year as well is Jennie with The Cake Pop Shop. This chick is amazing! Talk about detail oriented. She makes the BEST cakepop's in town not just because they are absolutely gorgeous but also because they are tasty as heck. I mean, seriously delicious. Drool worthy. Scrumptious. And every other adjective you can think of to describe something heavenly in taste. I am so thankful she took the time out of her busy spring schedule to make these gorgeous little treats for us. I was in awestruck when I saw what she did with the foxes! They were soooo cute! They were beautiful and we all devoured them as you can tell in the pictures. Huge thank you to you lady for being so awesome to work with and for making my little bubs birthday party extra sweet! You are my Cake Pop lady, can't wait to keep using you in the future!

My newest VIP vendor was Set Rentals. They provided those GORGEOUS farmhouse tables, gold chargers, candle holders and even the gold flatware! It truly took the style of the party from pretty to ritzy and elegant. Amber was so awesome to work with and I am thrilled I chose to go with them for rentals. My guests were floored when they saw we were eating BBQ with gold flatware, but hey,... that's just how I roll. :) Thank you so much for all your hard-work setting up and for helping decorate with me. You are such a sweetiepie and I can't wait to work with you again! I just know your business will take off with a boom.

There were a few 'quiet' VIP vendors that I must take a moment to shout-out. HUGE huge huge thank you so Jessica for capturing what I couldn't, for chasing my son around and getting the most incredible and creative pictures of him (and with his father and I) yet. You are awesome girlfriend! I appreciate you as my friend and second shooter. I love you! You make my life so much better just by being in it! Thank you for your hard-work, humor, and support. Katherine, thank you for some of those awesome candid cake/henry-mommy shots too girl! Love them, love them.

Henry's cake was such a special last minute treat as well. I went to Winn Dixie only 4 hours before his party asking for something I knew "just couldn't happen"- and yet it did. The amazing Russian women running the WD on university are AMAZING! She whipped up a gorgeous marble cake that was the perfect shade of mint. I was so happy she worked so hard to do that for us. And yes, their cakes taste WAY BETTER than Publix cakes. And it cost me $15. I mean REALLY? Really. Henry's cake topper was $5- a plastic fox from Michael's spray painted gold. It was one of the coolest things I did! I was shocked at how gorgeous it came out- looked like an expensive metal figurine from Anthropologie!

Henry's party was seriously such a success! We all had so much fun watching him run around with all his attitude and glory and enjoy his day. He ate way too many cakepops, sang to Frozen, and even had an outfit change. When you ask him how old he is he will tell you with cuteness and pride, "twwwwewww". I loved planning and hosting this party to pieces! I am no perfect momma and I don't get it right a lot. But I love my little man. And I love mixing my creativity with my love for my son and to me, that is plenty good enough. So to conclude this novel HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to the coolest, raddest, and most awesome boy there is!