Welcome to the world Henry!

The day my life changed forever was June 4, 2012 at exactly 8:04p.m. I waited 41 weeks and 2 days to meet him. We called him Henry David Dovel. He is my perfect prince charming that I want to protect and love unconditionally. From that moment until today (5 weeks later) life has been surreal and blissful. I still can't believe he is all mine. Below tells the story of how Henry came into the world! We opted with a c section after being 9 days over due and Henry hadn't descended into my pelvis yet. His ultrasound read that he would be 10 pounds 5 ounces and we felt like it was our best choice. And sure enough it was.

He was a whopping 10 pounds 1 ounce and was 21.5 inches long and was the squishiest, pudgiest, most lovable little dude ever. He had a head full of golden brown hair and the softest, flakiest skin imaginable. He was absolutely intoxicating to me and meeting him felt like a dream come true. Becoming Henry's mom was truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's love I never knew existed and it happened instantly! I haven't stopped loving and adoring him since the moment I first heard his sweet welcoming cry, saw his perfect, chunky little face over the blanket and I got to kiss his little pudgy cheeks. I knew my heart was full and my purpose in life had been fulfilled.

We gave birth at the beautiful Baptist Medical Hospital South and our OBGYN was Amy Greenwald (with the North Florida OBGYN group). She was fantastic and I couldn't have felt more comfortable with such a great team bringing my baby boy into the world.


I was so excited to show off and wear my cute hospital gowns made specially by Birthday Suit Maternity! I felt like a million bucks and so happy I decided to go the extra mile to be extra purty for my baby boy when he saw me! You can visit their FB fan page here!

I couldn't have been fortunate that one of my best friends, fellow photographer, second shooter and sometimes personal photographer (she plays many roles in my life!) was there to capture the moments of us before Henry's birth and afterwards! I am so blessed to have britney (britney kay photography) in my life. Her husband even hand crafted the props in henry's photoshoot with baby as art. We feel so lucky to have the Schnorr's apart of our lives- love you two <3 Here she is! Oh I was sooooo thrilled to have had this posted made by Lay baby Lay! All of my visitors absolutely loved it (even though daddy put tape on the outside!! haha...) My husband shot these images of us in the OR! He did an amazing job. I am in love with the ones he shot post surgery when I got to love on my baby for the first time. my favorite picture ever!!!! :)Time for Henry's first bath. He wasn't impressed then but LOVES them now!Day 2 we decided to have a mini photoshoot :) Oh my goodness... we were laughing hysterically at all his pudgy little expressions. And, I LOVE the ones with his eyes crossed- teeheehee....Big yaaaaawn.There are so many wonderful things about my son but HANDS down one of his best features was his swag feauxhawk! My kid has some awesome hair. then we came home...