Henry's newborn session with Baby as Art

As a little girl I dreamed about becoming a mommy one day. In my eyes it was the most special job anyone could have. On June 4th I got my wish. I was given you. On that day I realized life didn't really begin until you were here. I never knew I could love so effortlessly. You were absolutely perfect, oh my goodness; 10 pounds and 1 ounce of pure squishy love. You had the most perfect nose wrinkle, beautiful long lashes, soft flaky skin, and the softest feet. And even though you were a big "little" guy, you fit so perfectly in my arms the moment you were handed to me. Every time I hold you now and gaze into your eyes I think about your future and who you will become. I know that although today you are tiny and calm in my grasp that one day you won't be. You will become a squiggly little infant wanting to get down to crawl and eat floor food. One day I'll get an entire workout in while I chase you, my playful toddler, around as you climb our furniture. One day I'll hold you so tight and wipe away your tears when you get hurt from life. One day I know that we will be packing away all of your childhood belongings and pack up all your gear for college. Then on one special day you will introduce to me the love of your life and I won't be the only woman whose in love with you. On one special day, your wedding day, I will cry as I watch you dance with your new bride. On this day I will hold you too though. Then I know that one day life will come full circle for us. It's amazing how that happens. On that day I will hold your entire world, your first born child, just as my parents held you. I will see the pride and excitement swell in your eyes as it did and always does in mine. Then on that day you will finally know just how much love you. Sadly and amazingly I know one day is so close. But I am so thankful one day isn't today. Because today I'm enjoying you, my newborn baby boy.