I love Brittany Woodall!

The stars aligned when I booked a session with Baby as Art only hours after giving birth via c section to Henry. My life is so crazy like this. As I scrolled through all the sweet comments on one of his hospital pictures I noticed one in particular. It was from a person I respected so much and for so long. It was a comment from Brittany Woodall with Baby As Art saying "WOW!!! What a cute baby!!" Reading this made me melt and spazz out all together literally. Well that and... I was on a morphine drip and... I was on a baby Henry euphoria high too :) But, I have been following these girls for 3 years now and to have her (I felt like she was a celebrity. Yeah, I am a dork!) comment one of MY pictures was just so shockingly/surprisingly sweet! I contacted Brittany immediately only joking about shooting his session saying, "so you want to shoot my baby in Florida? LOL" I mean this kind of thing doesn't just happen last minute right? Oh yes it can and it did. She told me she would be in Florida the next week for another newborn session anyway so why not add on another one?! UMMM SERIOUSLY? yep. Ahh...I knew I had to have her. Wow, that sounds creepy :) So it was settled, the lovely and talented Brittany Woodall with Baby as Art was coming to Jacksonville to see US. pinch me.

Before I received all my pictures back from Brittany, I really wanted to brag about what it was like working with her. Aside from knowing I'll absolutely love the pictures there was something even more amazing about her. I got to know a person that wasn't just talented (as we all can see from browsing her work) and shoots celebrity clients like Pink & Carey Hart, or takes the CUTEST pictures ever imaginable of her whippet pups, but rather a person that was down to earth, humble, sweet, funny, and extremely hard working. She had an unthinkable amount of patience while working with us and was so meticulous and methodical as she got in the zone. And this shocked me silly. You will find that you come across photographers that seem to lack one or the other, either they are stuck up, snarky, and super talented OR they are sweet as pie, really kind to fellow photographers and still use selective coloring as an editing technique.

So below was a note I jotted down just moments after she left because it almost felt surreal. It was REFRESHING to meet someone in this industry that is far better than their online persona. So soak it in Brittany, you deserve every little bit of credit, success, and happiness in your life not just because you are so good at what you do but more so because your heart is in the right place and that speaks volumes.  beautiful birds nest was created by "Cute Stuff by Jo"- isn't that just too dern pretty? Beautiful vintage/ classic bonnet was made by Veronika G Photography!

(gorgeous hot air balloon hat was made by Cute Stuff by Jo. She made this just for mr. H! He is so special!)

"I can't say enough about what it was like having Brittany Woodall staying here with us shooting our family over the past weekend. She flew in Saturday night at 9:30pm. We did studio pictures that evening because my husband had to fly out early Sunday morning for work. She stayed up until 2am shooting us then followed by shooting the baby solo. Mind you this is after a long day of traveling from California! When she handed Henry over to us I half asleep went into his room only to unswaddle him to find that Brittany not only changed him but also put him in pjs and had him all set for bed. It's always the littlest things that stick in my mind :) She then got up at 8am the next morning with a huge smile on her face as she creatively prepared for the day! My living room looked like a blanket/fabric/wrap/hat/prop catastrophe and I loved every bit.
Brittany shot my bitty from 9am-8pm while I napped in the morning. I only peaked in occasionally out of curiosity and excitement. But I didn't have to monitor anything. I felt so comfortable having her shoot him alone and it was surely nice to have a morning off. She only stopped for him to feed and relax as she move on patiently to the next set up. And she did set up after set up after set up. Afterwards we went to not one but two outdoor locations and she shot until sun down. Talk about a work horse. Superwoman I swear. After grabbing some burgers from Five Guys (yep we shared that delicious greasy similairty), we returned home to chow down and chit chat! Brittany even gave Henry a little baby back massage which he loved! It was too bad he couldn't return the favor! ;)
After an exhaustive 2 days of traveling and shooting, she woke back up today at 8am and shot until 12:30 which was only an hour before she had to leave to head to the airport. She was a force to be reckon with- a total sweetheart, detail oriented, patient, methodical wonder woman! She never rushed Henry or herself. She was calm and collected and never pushy with Henry or me. (let's face it, I am a handful client!) She listened to everything I wanted out of the session while still maintaining her own creative ideas and styling. She cared about Henry's comfort and safety first and foremost. She was so careful with him when posing as she moved onto the more intricate stuff, like the suspension "hanging" shot from a branch. And in return Henry was comfortable, amazing, squishy and slept almost consecutively during the entire 2 1/2 days. I was at ease and enjoying watching brittany work, what a beautiful sight to see. AND, he never pooed or peed on Brittany or on her gorgeous wraps and blankets, What a true gentleman!
Aside from her hard work and superb photographer bedside manner, she is undoubtedly talented with her vision of set ups and usage of props and head wear. What a blessing it was to have her capture our newborn and to have had the chance to meet her! I cannot wait to see her again as I am begging her to come back next year to do a workshop here at the beach. There is so much one can learn from her (and carrie as well!). She is a rare gem in this industry and I am thankful I had the chance to have her talent in my life forever. So thank YOU Brittany for being exceptional at what you do and for being an amazing person!"