jenna | 2 years old | Jacksonville, Florida children's photographer

You know- I shot this session last year for valentines day. I was very pregnant and I ran a special valentines day mini marathon. I was kind of bummed because not many attended. I only shot a few kids because most people know me for my wedding work and there are a plethora of local photographers who do themed mini sessions like they are going out of style. But nonetheless, for clarity, I do like to take a break and just work with what got me started in the first place- the kids.

So this little model is Jenna, my bestie's little girl. She is 3 1/2 now and was my VERY first newborn I ever shot way back in 2009. Crazy ain't it? I should dig up those pictures. oh wait, here you go... :)

Hi newborn Jenna!

This session just speaks to me and even though late, I wanted to share it with you guys. This is probably my favorite kids session to date because she is just so dern' angelic, angel wings or not, this kid just pulls my heart strings with that allusive stare. Now THIS inspires me to get out and shoot more little's! I need to start doing more conceptual children's sessions because well, they make my heart smile, and I love planning them. And special thanks to Kina Wicks for the wings! Enjoy this dose of sugary sweet.

thanks to the dainty knit for this adorable hat above! :)