jenny + jesse; a modern purple wedding at a sushi house

When Jenny contacted me about shooting her quaint wedding in March I was elated! Her and Jesse were taking a simple approach on their wedding and only wanted their closest family and friends there. No stress, no fussiness, just the simplicity of a special day together in unity. It was such a unique day and I am so happy to have been apart of it! We picked a local neighborhood area in front of a pool for the getting ready and the not-so-so much fun-formal shots, followed by the ceremony at The Bamboo Room, a sushi restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida. This place was so special for Jenny because it was her mother's absolute favorite to have dinner and be with her family. Jenny informed me her mother had passed away shortly before the wedding plans and it was so important to shape the day around such a special person to the Chang family. The ceremony was short, simple, and stunning. Hues of purples lit up the room, gorgeous lantern balls hung from the ceiling, friends and family mingled over the BEST Japanese /sushi cuisine ever, and orchards danced up the elegant tables. And what's a modern wedding without beta fish? Yep, they were there too as centerpieces and accents to the tables! I wish Jesse and Jenny nothing but the best in their future together! Thank you for letting me share such a special day with you. I know your mother was around us, as the mood was warm, loving, and close!

Jenny writes,

"Alex's personality was super sweet. She works so hard at capturing every moment of the bride and groom's special day. I especially love how she can make such simple objects to look so amazing in a photograph! All newly weds are so anxious to see their wedding pictures so we were so excited to see that Alex had posted teaser shots the very same day as our wedding! To have our wedding images edited and given to us in less than 2 months is unheard of. It just goes to show how dedicated Alex is to her clients. We're really looking forward to receiving the rest of the images soon. She's so talented and it genuinely shows how passionate she is with her work."