Kelley + Jonathan | The Islander Resort Islamorada, Florida Wedding

As you look through my blog posts you will see the majority of my weddings are now outside of Jacksonville, Florida! Which, of course, is SUPER exciting and totally makes this job so much more rewarding. I absolutely love, love, love to travel all over the country to document my client's big days. The Iser Wedding was surely one of the most fun weddings I have ever had the privilege of shooting. These guys were a hoot all day long and it made the trip to the keys super amazing and a heck of a good time. And can I just say how GORGEOUS Islamorada, Florida is?! O M G! It's absolutely amazing that there is crystal clear sand, turquoise waves and sunshine surrounding the great state of Florida! If you are planning a destination wedding I highly recommend checking out the south of Florida for a slice of paradise. The Islander Resort was such an open and STUNNING backdrop for this couple. You can do so much with the wide, vase property. It is located right next to The Cheeca Lodge and is near some of the most amazing local seafood around.

All of that aside shooting Kelley and Jonathan's wedding was yet another dream come true for me. I say it all the time but really... this is such a dream job. I am so blessed. The weather was perfect, crisp, sunny but soft light. The couple was BEYOND in love and totally gorgeous. Their family and guests were hilarious and oh, so much fun to work with and shoot and the details of the day were perfection. I had so much fun being there to capture such a beautifully perfect day in paradise for the Iser's. Jonathan and Kelley did all of the details themselves and Jonathan even made that GORGEOUS arbor with satin fabric you see below. Now how's that for resourceful?! In colors of the sea they wanted to reflect the beauty and tranquility of the ocean which allowed their guests to enjoy this weekend of paradise along with them. It was so relaxing and full of romance and laughter. 

Kelley, you were truly a princess that day- your sweet beauty just radiated from within and the love Jonathan has for you is so beyond evident in all of your images. I wish you both all the love, happiness, and SUNSHINE life will grant you both! Congrats!!! 


"Well you're my green-eyed girl And I've been running around with you.
It's the afternoon and we got nothing left to do.
So wipe the dirt off, or Take your shirt off,
And we should go hit the cantina, We got work off.
I said it's hot outside Let me go swimming in your eyes.
We've been running for a while
Why don't you lay down and make smile.
I could never ask for nothing better than this.
It's just tequila and the beach, that's why its salty when we kiss." -- T.D.H lyrics