Mary Anne + Austin | The Morehead Inn + The Big Chill Charlotte, NC Wedding

I swear I must have a hidden clause that states I can ONLY contract kind people. And might I add they MUST be stunning and handsome too? Because wedding after wedding I am blown away with how lovely inside and how beautiful on the outside my people are. Mary Anne and Austin are these types of people. 

Mary Anne greeted my second shooter, Jessica, and I the moment we stepped foot at The Morehead Inn with the most amazing hospitality, kindness, and generosity I have ever received. What an honor it is to shoot with such good-hearted people AND capture such gorgeous weddings but also to be treated like family. Mary Anne and Austin invited us to their super-fun rehearsal dinner and we had the pleasure of celebrating their engagement and fourth of July together! It was set in a really cool exposed-brick room at a local neighborhood grille. We indulged on BBQ and tasted (haha, that's a nice way to put gorged) on not 1 but 7 different slices of pies! Southerns sure do know how to cook! I teared up majorly watching the "through the years" slideshow, especially just seeing "how fast" it seemed to have went for their parents. I always find myself starring into the eyes of the parents at weddings. I am such a sap these days. Becoming a mom TOTALLY did that to me. I can't help but think that one day, I will be at Henry's rehearsal dinner witnessing the very same thing. While I digress a bit, we truly had such an incredible weekend documenting the Copeland wedding. Not only because it was so anticipated over the prior months but also because Charlotte is SUCH a lovely, lovely city and perfect for a southern chic wedding! Historic, quaint, southern, inspiring, green, and totally beautiful. There wasn't a road I didn't love.

The Morehead Inn was the perfect garden-esque setting for their ceremony. Surrounded around 100 of their closest family members and guests, Mary Anne and Austin cried, laughed, smiled, and had such a touching and romantic, yet very intimate, ceremony. I especially loved the "kiss and dip" at the end of the ceremony, I mean Mary Anne thought of everything that made this wedding just uber extra special! These guys wanted a vintage feel to their wedding, a style inspired by the "Big Band" 1920's era, something classy and glamorous, but romantic and initmate too. It was awesome! In colors of purples, golds, and emerald greens, there wasn't a detail missed- from the beautiful flowers and succulents, feather and pearl centerpieces, vintage handmade chalkboards and even a Rolls-Royce as their getaway car, the Copeland's totally outdid themselves. It truly was MAGICAL! So without further ado ENJOY this stunning wedding. I wish the Copeland's such a happy road ahead, one filled with as much beauty, love, happiness and support as the day they wedded!