Peter Pan + Tinkerbell | Henry's Second Halloween

Boy was this shoot fun! And, what's with me and associating Henry with "Peter" names? :) First it was his Peter Rabbit party and now it's Peter Pan for Halloween! Whatever it is, these mischievous characters ALWAYS seem to fit my little man's personality quite perfectly. I was so excited to dress up this year for Halloween with Henry and boy was finding these ensembles an adventure! Henry's GORGEOUS tunic, belt, and hat was fashionably made by the oh so talented Casey Dixon with "the dainty knit". I bought those tiny little tights from We Love Colors and his foam sword was from the Disney store. To complete the look I bought him Minnetonka Moccasins and a pair of leather moccs from H&M baby just in case- which it was a good thing I bought two pairs because we lost a shoe IN that forest! :) My Tinkerbell dress came from Ross and the wings from Target! I got to have a little fun with "too much makeup" and it reminded me of my ballet days on stage a bit with the high bun :)

We were able to sneak out to a forest near by my house and shoot these super cute photo's before the sun set AND before we embarked on some serious trick-o-treating. I couldn't thank my friend Britney Kay Photography enough for taking some of these (edited by me!) images for us. I got to sneak in a few myself which she ran after my crazy toddler! I just love these and I can't wait to get a few framed on our wall! Kids always seem to bring out the child in you and this little whimsy shoot did the trick :)