Ryder the Fighter | Wolfson's Children Hospital NICU

Say hello to sweet baby boy Ryder! At only 26 weeks pregnant his mommy delivered him last Thursday due to a severe form of preeclampsia. She was hospitalized immediately when her doctors found her protein levels were 4x the normal amount (almost resulting in Kidney failure) so, then it was-- little Ryder was born. He weighs 1 pound and 10 ounces and is doing wonderfully in the NICU. As I got to visit today he was moving his tiny little hands and grasping his mothers finger tightly- brought tears to my eyes to see such a tiny fighter.The day I visited was a little mometous as Ryder got to take his first little bit of breast milk through his feeding tube. He is looking great and turning pinker by the day! Ryder's parents were my wedding clients last year and over time I have become workout buddy's and good friends with his mommy, Cristina. So this is a toughie for me. This will be a hard road for my friends as they embark on sleepless nights in the NICU, dealing with the sadness of not being able to hold their sweet angel for a while, feeling the emptiness of going home alone and feeling generally helpless in this unusual situation, but I know everything will turn out okay. The NICU staff at Wolfson's Children's hospital/Baptist Downtown are truly miracle workers and hero's and they have this quiet but strong demeanor about them. I have never been in a NICU before so it was hard to see. These tiny little bitty babies with their families surrounding them, machines going, and all you see are smiles- there is strength in pain. And, I believe in the power of prayer and community and I have hope for this beautiful new family. I will be documenting Ryder's story along the way so they can look back and remember how sweet the victory is once you get through the struggle. Say a prayer for Ryder, for his parents, for his grandparents and all his family whom love him.

"Let him sleep, for when he wakes he will move mountains."



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