sick baby henry

Thankfully in the past 9 months Henry has only been sick once before. But this go around has been AWFUL. No one prepares you mentally how to deal with it either, especially when you are alone running a one man band. Last week I woke up with him every 2 hours to him SCREAMING in pain, wailing and inconsolable. Thankfully the next day two little swollen teeth buds popped through so I figured this was just a temporary sickness associated with teething.  I am not a huge person on rushing to the doctor at the first sniffle so I tried every over the counter medication/remedy that would help- a humidifier, teething tablets, orajel, vicks vapor rub, saline drops, baby tylenol- you name it. But last night I woke up to Henry sitting in a pile of milk vomit that literally exploded all over his crib, the ground, the curtains, his stuffed animals and himself. It was pretty bad... gag.  Nothing like a midnight wake-up call to bath-time. And the little booger managed to think it was pretty funny and fun to play with his bath toys so late- LOL. They don't show images like this when you are shopping for your precious bundle at Pottery Barn Baby, now do they?

(side note: It's pretty amazing though... despite all of his symptoms he still smiles and laughs (not quite like he usually does when he is healthy), but he still manages to try and be happy. I just love that about him.)

But in other news, Henry is now the proud owner of TWO little baby bottom teeth. This is my first rodeo so I am not sure if that means the sickness will go away. Veteran moms feel free to weigh in with advice!

I am always open to motherly advice/suggestions/input on this. Here have been his symptoms for the past week- all have been non continuous on & off which has been confusing me whether to take him to the Dr. or not. So, I went ahead and made an appt. with the Dr. at 2:00 today to see what's up...

  1. low grade fever
  2. sneezing (I saw green yesterday, today is clear)
  3. diarrhea (but wet diapers like normal, not sure about dehydration?)
  4. won't eat ANY baby food/real food
  5. vomiting (twice now)
  6. tugging at left ear (variably)
  7. waking up screaming (usually he wakes up happy)