The Lucky Top 25- not 21- AMP Weightloss Contestants

WOW! This choice was so unbelievably hard. I had 35 fantastic submissions and I had to pick 21. Honestly I AM SO thrilled for all of you. You made the first step into changing your lives. Here on out, regardless of this outcome, PUSH ON and be strong in your journies. I LOVED watching everyone's submissions and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being so brave. I know it's not easy admitting some of the things you all told me. I was touched getting to know you all on such an intimate and personal level. You girls are just beautiful creatures, you know this? I hope that EVERYONE continues to lead a healthy and fit life here on out...I am rooting ALL of you on!

Congratulations to the following 21 ladies who I felt deserved this opportunity the absolute most.


  1. Casey Dixon- Season 1 winner! ;)
  2. Rachel Muchmore
  3. Briana Widen
  4. Brittany Bell
  5. Brittany Brock
  6. Melanie Saunders
  7. Hillary Moore
  8. Kylie Gilger
  9. Laura Bruce
  10. Chrismarie
  11. Hayley Willingham
  12. Jennifer Mazon
  13. Savannah Gilley
  14. Diana Sell
  15. Diana McCormick
  16. Milbrey Whitham
  17. Caitlin Hightower
  18. Kayla Fisk
  19. Kelly Roberts
  20. Jennifer Evans
  21. Ashton O'Neal
  22. Hannah Skipper!
  23. Kaylah Laure
  24. Whitney Croxton
  25. Ali Brannan

I selected contestants based on how well they conveyed what this opportunity meant to them and had the happiest, highest, and more positive energy level. You really need drive and a good attitude for this. I want contestants that are wanting to COMPLETELY change their health life around, people who are committed every day, every week to their workouts and their diet choices. I want contestants that are positive people who inspire their fellow contestants AND everyone around them- virally on social media and in the real world, these girls know they have a job to be health ambassadors. AMP New Year New You girls are motivated, sick of their excuses, are ready to put themselves FIRST and choose bravery over fear. These girls are DEDICATED to detoxing their bodies from all fast food, soda, dessert, alcohol, eating out and other vices that are detrimental to their success. These powerful women know that their is $2000 at stake for this and that along with getting sexy, who wouldn't want a photo-shoot of their achievements?! :) Yeah they are ready for it. My girls are beasts at the gym. They will push themselves every day to sweat it out whether it's in their living rooms or outside. They are creatively healthy and it's one of their super powers. They know 12 weeks isn't forever so they plan on making this the best 12 weeks of their health lives. No looking back. No dropping out. No reasons to quite, No excuses. They only know how to move up from here. Girls, CONGRATS on being selected. This will be the best 12 weeks of you life? Ready?!!! Set? You better be!!!!!!!

First homework assignments?

  1. Find me on my personal FB and add me as a friend here-
  2. Add the very private group page here:
  3. Tell everyone on  your FB you were selected! Tag the AMP page and get everyone excited for you. You will love the support!
  4. Start looking at your pantry because we are doing fridge/pantry raids! ;)


**You have 24 hours to claim your spot. If you don't  I will give it up to another participant immediately.**