The N Family | Alpine Groves Park, Fruitcove Florida

Sometimes it's simply refreshing to shoot mini sessions. It's such a nice creative break after all these lovely weddings! They are quick and easy and sweet. I really loved working with Nina (who is a friend thru another friend) and her two brothers! And look at big sister glow... whew! She is a knock out! I swear the prettiest girls don't ever even know it. :) Aside from being (all 3) gorgeous people they were just so much fun and easy to shoot. They were all there for one purpose- to make their momma happy with some updated shots. And, I am sure they will have done just that, as soon as she sees these sweet pictures of course. ;) Enjoy this gorgeous little mini shoot, set at Alpine Groves Park in Fruitcove, Florida! (My favorite place to shoot!).