The Tabor Wedding | The White Room St. Augustine Florida Wedding

One of the sweetest reviews ever below, thank you so much to my kind groom Ben Tabor.

"To capture an instant in time through the mechanical actions of a camera is not particularly difficult. Push a button and the camera will give you an image from that instant. Capturing an image that you wish to represent that instant is extremely difficult. A photographer can only give you their interpretation of that instant in time. So it becomes important to have the two respective, client and photographer, interpretations to align. That’s what Alex is to her clients. An alignment of interpretation of how a particular instant in time should be captured. Her eye captures your moments in such a way that you as a client can only be impressed. Her camera equipment is high quality as well as her techniques. The results of our experience came from a complex dance of the day’s activity choreographed by Alex. She integrated into our wedding as to not interfere, controlled the crowd as to get the shots we had requested and gave us an opportunity to escape when all eyes on us the couple became a little much. Her professional manner allowed for her to disappear in the event allowing the guests to be photographed in their natural state. When it is all said and done, the actual day is very overwhelming to the average person. As a couple you have this veil of what went on. The only way to get that day back is to relive it in these captured instances. With Alex you get all your instances. All the pictures are yours. You get to choose which ones made the cut. You never know what someone will find in that particular image that appeals to them, so why exclude that option? As clients we wanted what we wanted but didn’t exactly know what we wanted. We knew what we didn’t want and we knew we wanted great pictures of the day. When that happens you need to hire a professional that will handle all the ins and outs to give you what you as a client want. Her experience and personality combine into this professional that is apparent the moment you meet her. It radiates that she is confidently capable of providing this most important service of capturing your instant in time. You will feel comfortably controlled throughout the day. There are the staged poses you’ll do sure, but it is what she’ll bring out of you that you’ll never even know until it’s on film that is most impressive. For us, that moment was when we had the venue to ourselves for one last dance. This perfect representation of an instant in time is now framed and displayed in the house. Before the ceremony I gave a speech on choices and thanked everyone there for making the choice to be there as my wife and I had made the choice to be together. I hope Alex remembers it, because Ashley and I made the choice to hire her. I have chosen these words and in their orientation so that my interpretation of performance may be captured as our day’s events were by Alex. As a potential client it is your duty to satisfy a want for great representations of instances in time. She must have a hundred good reviews out there, this one more isn’t going to convince you. I hope that it solidifies your position and gives you a good feeling in your decision."  -Mr. Tabor

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